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Your ultimate mindset training for athletes & coach​​​​es​committed tobeing their best

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Discover the 4 character dimensions that accelerate your success’ 


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She went on to state championships in a much better mindset & qualified for Australian Nationals.”

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“practical & interactive way to increase your observational AWARENESS…”

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“A simple and powerful tool that makes athletes aware of their…”

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“As a professional mindset coach working with elite athletes, these CARDS..”

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“I have found it helpful when exploring my own strengths &…”

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 a great way to get a better understanding why your opponent might act a certain way  and even …”

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You know the mental game is the key to experiencing your goals & dreams..

You have heard champions tell you how important the mindset part of the journey is. You may not understand why just yet, but you know it’s important enough for you to find out more

Sports Characters™ works in partnership with The Mindset Institute™ to provide products and training’s that are designed to help you breakthrough your challenges and experience more success in your sport.Our students love that they’re assured of a phenomenal experience and the opportunity to be aligned with the best online mindset coaching available.

  • Unlock success with the world’s first archetype-based mindset training
  • Access dedicated support from world leading coaches & mentors
  • Connect with a passionate like-minded community of athletes and coaches


Creator of Sports Characters™ and I help people just like you to breakthrough their blockages and experience more success in the areas of their sporting life that matter most. As a peak performance researcher and master coach I specializes in working with athletes & coaches by guiding them beyond the shackles of their current limitations and into new possibilities. 

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